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Home Stay Trekking

Home Stay Trekking

Home stay trekking gives you the opportunity to experience Ladakhi village life, while trekking through the villages of Ladakh you can interact with the villagers, farmers, and children and staying with them makes you a part of them. Early at dawn you will hear the rooster crowing and later the farmers singing and working in the fields, children playing at streams. Later breakfast gathering at the kitchen, all in all it will be one of a kind of an experience. While walking from village to village you will go through the sculpted canyons , amazing formations, medieval villages, and Buddhist monasteries. Besides that you can spot many rare wild animals/birds species amongst these are the Ibex, Antelope, Tibetan Argali, Blue Sheep, Shapo, Marmot, Red fox, Tibetan Wolf, Eurasian Lynx and the elusive Snow Leopard. However its very difficult to spot Snow Leopards during the Summer time. Among the birds fauna you can spot the Snow partridge, Golden Oriole, Snow Cock, Golden Eagle, Horned Lark, Red Billed Chuff etc. 

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