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About Ladakh

Ladakh is a trans-Himalaya region,north most of the Indian subcontinent.Landlocked between Tibet(China),India and Pakistan,Ladakh sports a colourful amalgamation of cultures,languages and religions.Often dubbed as the crossroad of the famed silk route,the region is strewn with centuries old Buddhist monasteries,royal palaces and castles.Her people drew their pedigree from a central Asian substratum called Dardi(often termed as Aryans),the Mons of northern India,and a majority of Mongoloid-Tibetans.Although,they have lived side by side for ages,yet they have persistently held on to their peculiar identities.In the valley of Dha Ha-nu,one finds the Dardis.While Leh,Nubra and Zanskar are dominated by the mongoloids.Kargil is a Shia dominated district.The Mons are a minority who have seamlessly adopted whole of the region.We have various kinds of cultural and religious festivals in a year. They provide glimpse of the region's rich culture and heritage.Ladakh is also known widely for her breathtaking landscape,lakes,and blue skies. Thus providing a unique experience to every kind of visitor,from a leisure tourist,a cultural connoisseur,to a hard core adventurer, she draws nearly 2,00,000 tourists every year.

About Us

Nature Safari Ladakh,is a travel company based in Leh Ladakh,(India) we at Nature Safari provide tour and travels in Himalayan region of Leh Ladakh and also provide tours in India as well.
We have more than 25 years of experience in Buddhist sector of India which gives us more creativity, knowledge and experience in this field so we invite you to the land of Buddha where Buddha has actually walked through and changed the world with peace and compassion.

We present you Buddhist pilgrimage tour in India and Nepal and also provide authentic ayurvedic tour in Kerala as well as all kind of tours in Leh Ladakh region where you can feel the presence of Tibetan Buddhism and chants of monasteries in morning which will make your heart enriched with peace and calm your mental being. For an excellent introduction of Buddhism one must visit India for once in life, So give us an opportunity to tailor your travel plan to India and feel the Buddha in you or experience the best of ayurvedic in Kerala and the mesmerizing feeling in great Himalayas of Leh Ladakh with its distinct flora and fauna. 

Why Choose Us?

1-We at Nature Safari Ladakh believe in giving the best authentic local experience to our customer and value more for eco tours.
2- We value your time and money thus we believe in discussing your needs and requirements so that we can bring best travel plan for you.

3-Language is the most important thing while travelling so our dedicated language expert guides will make your travel more easy and give you the best knowledge.
4-Our experience of more than 25 years in India tour will give you best of it.
5-Travel with Nature Safari Ladakh to explore the best of India tour and get best service.